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Calf & HAlf Glass Calf & HAlf Glass

Calf & HAlf Glass

-Whimsical creamer pitcher sports a humorous udder-shaped interior vessel-Handcrafted of double-wall..

KWD 3.900

Can Tamer Can Tamer

Can Tamer

-Two-tier Can Tamer Carousel saves space in a kitchen cabinet, pantry, counter-top or fridge, making..

KWD 2.500

Carrots peeler Carrots peeler

Carrots peeler

-Great gift for any foodie!-Peels, sharpens and curls your vegetables!-Can be used on carrots, cucum..

KWD 0.900



-Cereal Dispenser | Single Canister-Large white nozzle twist to release precise serving size-Seals i..

KWD 3.900

Chef Basket Chef Basket

Chef Basket

-12 in 1 kitchen tool-Solid steel-Dishwasher safe-Folds flat for easy storage-Go from pot to plate..

KWD 1.900

ChillFactor Jelly Maker ChillFactor Jelly Maker

ChillFactor Jelly Maker

-Make jelly in minutes not hours!-freezer, when frozen add your jelly mixture. Now for the fun part ..

KWD 4.900

Cookie Biscuits Maker Cookie Biscuits Maker

Cookie Biscuits Maker

-Made of aluminum-Helps making biscuits or cookies quick and easy-Includes 20 different die-plates-I..

KWD 2.900

Corn Kernels Corn Kernels

Corn Kernels

-Easily remove kernels from the cob in one quick motion-Holds approximately 2 ears of corn; to empty..

KWD 0.900

Croissants Cutter

Croissants Cutter

-Croissant roller cutter; efficient & effective way to manually cut dough in the shape of a croi..

KWD 3.900

cupcake secret cupcake secret

cupcake secret

-Non stick Silicone-Makes 6 perfect cupcake creations-Easy to Use-Add your favorite candy, cream, et..

KWD 3.800

Digital Kitchen Spoon Scale Digital Kitchen Spoon Scale

Digital Kitchen Spoon Scale

-Digital spoon scale with LCD display,Combination spoon and scale 500g capacity with 0.1 gram read a..

KWD 4.900

Dip Clip Dip Clip

Dip Clip

-Set of 4 mini side bowls in bright colors that clip on plates; soft grip material securely clings o..

KWD 1.900

Dolma Maker Dolma Maker

Dolma Maker

-Material: plastic-Dimension: 14.56" x 4.52" x 3.54"-Quantity: 1 pc-100% brand new and top quality. ..

KWD 3.900

Donut Maker Donut Maker

Donut Maker

-Doughnut Maker Dispenser-For perfectly shaped home-made doughnuts-Make delicious doughnuts quickly ..

KWD 1.900

Egg Master Egg Master

Egg Master

-Discover a whole new way to prepare eggs. This vertical egg cooker is a fast and healthy way to coo..

KWD 3.750

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