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beauty Care

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beauty Care

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  1. miss belt miss belt

    miss belt

    -FEEL GOOD WHILE LOOKING GOOD - The Genie Hourglass Waist Trainer Belt provides excellent lumbar support while creating that nice tight and curvaceous body you desire. -Get an Hourglass Shape in Seconds and Look 2 Sizes Slimmer Instantly! -EASY TO USE - Simply wrap waist trimmer belt around the tummy, strap up and you're good to go. -UBER COMFORT - Genie Hourglass shapewear is fully adjustable to fit you more snugly or loosely. -No lace or cords present to cause discomfort. -The slimming belt is designed to caress the female body. -EXTREMELY VERSATILE - It can be worn under garments. -It eliminates bulges and smoothens. -It can be worn during your normal day to day routines - simply awesome. -HIGH QUALITY WITH HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE -easy to clean and store.

    Regular Price: KWD4.300

    Special Price KWD3.900

  2. Fasiz Split ™

    جهاز مقصف الشعر الاصلي الكهربائي ، بالشحن It makes called Cut Embroidery, trim only that are outside the hair outline, those resected or double pointed tips that stay with that frizz throughout the hair.It safely trims the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split ends starts while preserving the length. With dry and slick hair, separate a thin hair strand, and pass the machine at least 3 times, as if to use a board to smooth. With dry and slick hair, separate a thin hair strand, and pass the machine at least 3 times, as if to use a board to smooth, it is recommended that you make the cut embroidery every 60 / 90 days The machine cuts millimetre (cuts only 4 or 8 mm) with security the ends, those tips doubles undesirable, dual / resected /damaged / dry, the hair is more sensitized / damaged, and the best does not strip any length centimeter
  3. Let's Slim

    ليتث اسليم ، يقوم بشد الخصر و الأرداف ، للتمتع بمظهر مثالى وجزاب ، مصنوع من خامات تساعد على حرق الدهون ، وفى نفس الوقت شد الخصر و الأرداف About the product LET'S SLIM Multi Hip Up Tights High Stocking LET'S SLIM STOCKINGS is fashionable in Korea. It is highly stretchable, comfortable, but most important is it ideally burns calorie and gives a slimmer look. Help veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently No strong pressure, Compress evenly on the legs
  4. The sauna tent

    خيمه السونا خيمه السونا تساعد على اخراج السموم من الجسم حرق الدهون / سهله فى الاستخدام سهله التخزين The sauna helps to remove toxins from the fat burning body / easy to use and easy to store
  5. Dual Sided Back Scrubber ™

    فراكة الاستحمام لظهر الجسم والقدم العجيبة وبنس الوقت مساج للظهر والجسم rubber Combo large and small bristles side cleans every inch of your body; Effortlessly Body scrubbing side reverses to a nubbie side for a spa-like massage experience Stimulates circulation to sore, tired muscles Material: Rubber Size: 85*12.5cm
  6. 3 Seconds Brow ™

    منتج يساعد على تنسيق الحواجب ، مما يعطيها شكل جذاب وكثيف ومتناسق بثوان معدودة ، طريقة الاستخدام وضع قالب الحاجب بلون البودرة المكياج المختارة ووضعها على الحاجب About the product Shape & define for a fuller brow or fill in sparse eyebrows Work great with all skin tones Perfectly matched, natural looking brows in seconds Perfectly matched, natural looking brows in seconds
  7. my - 5 in 1 Facial Cleaner Set ™

    مجموعة منظف الوجه 5 في 1 Enhance your beauty with power perfect pore, including an exfoliating brush, cleaning sponge, face suction cup and contour massager, all for just AED 69 (Value AED 129) – Ideal for clean & clear skin!
  8. Hollywood Nails ™

    هوليود نايلز ، تمتعى برسم على الاظافر بطريقه سهله وبسيطة ، مثل نجوم هوليود About the product Perfect alignment every time, Works on fingers and toes, Use your own polish, Over 60 designs, 2400 gems BLANK
  9. Beauty Skin Care Specialist ™

    جهاز لشفط وازالة البقع السوداء والدهون من الخشم ، يشحن بالكهرباء يو اس بي About the product *Multi-Function USB rechargeable blackhead remover Portable design: You can charge the pore cleanser machine anywhere with usb cable, portable for home or travel use. *Provides 4 removable probes with different shape suction openings to meet different needs *Easily clean up the blackheads, acne, remove dirt and grease from inside pores *Adjustable suction force: 5 available suction level to suck the target pore dirty, suitable for different skin types; the mildness has been clinically verification. *Easy to operation: One click design, LED indicator, easy to operate; 5 different speed button and switch button are in 1 button. Easy to adjust.
  10. Perfecct Smaile veneers ™

    قالب اسنان يجعل ابتسامتك مثل المشاهير A toothbrush makes your smile like a celebrity
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