Diaper Disposal Bags

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About the product
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR DIAPER BAG: Our Diaper Bag Dispenser is a super helpful addition to the diaper bag, since many times when changing baby on the go there might not be a trash can nearby, or you might not want to stink up the available one with baby poo! It is important to always have plastic baggies on you, whether its for stinky diapers or to put blow out clothes in. They do a great job of keeping the smell contained.
  • COMPACT & TOUGH:Diaper disposable bags strike the right balance between toughness and compactness,the roll of 15 bags is very small, making them easy to transport, even inside the plastic dispenser.waht's more,our bags don't have drawstrings or ties. While this may seem like a downside, consider what drawstring trash bags look like when you cinch them shut: no matter how tightly you pull the strings, there's always a small hole there, right? but if the bag happens to contain a dirty diaper, eve
  • EASY USE & CONVENIENT: The bags easily dispense and tear off. The knob lets you move the bags around to make it easier to get to when you need to dispense.The dispenser is easy to use, small and easy to locate due to the hook. Overall, a handy little device, you can keep it will be everywhere you want!
  • PERFECT FOR WHEN WE ARE OUT:This diaper bag dispenser is a little life saver when you have to do car diaper changes or are somewhere where there isn't a trash can available.Perfect for diaper changes on the go. Keep in the diaper bag, the car, and by the changing table. They keep the stink out!
  • GREAT LIFE SAVER: We visit lots of families without kids and sometimes when there is a BIG accident, these are truly life savers. Similar concept to dog bags, you pull a bag out, rip it off the roll and open up the one side. Block some of the odor so when you toss it out at someone's house, you aren't stinking up the trash can and they are just very handy.

Product description

Are you worried about getting mess between the clothes and the dirty diaper bag when you are on the go?

Are you confusing your little one have a poopy diaper bag and stink up their whole house?

Do you want to change the diaper on the go?Yes,Diaper Disposal Bags will be a great saver for you life, it can keep in the diaper bag, the car,and by the changing table ect...they keep the stink out!

Fresh Home,Happy Baby
The diaper disposable bags can lock the odor ,provide a fresh and comfortable world to your baby!

Not Easy to Break
Trash Bag Dispenser with Hook, making the diaper sacks easy to lift, tie and carry, Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

The Diaper Sacks are very Useful on Many Occasions!
This diaper bag is easy to carry. They are packed compact and easy to store in the Trash Bag Dispenser for disposal of dirty diapers in public places, on airplanes, politely at a friend's house, etc.

Great for Changes at Home or On-the-Go
These diaper sacks are great for on the go.Diaper disposable bags to stash in the car or the stroller as well to make changes easier when you’re on the go.

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Item Weight 2.72 ounces


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