Bottle Top

2.900 KD

Product Information:

  • Turn your favorite can drinks into a bottle
  • Prevents bugs from crawling into your drinks
  • Keeps beverages carbonated
  • Great for children
  • Easy to clean and reuse

Item Description

Turn your can drinks into a bottle with Bottle Tops. It lets you enjoy all the benefits of a re-sealable bottle top with your favorite canned drink.

It couldn’t be more easy to use. Just snap on a Bottle Top to your can drink and you’re done. Bottle Tops will attach to almost any can drink, including soda, beer, ice tea or energy drinks.

When you are finish with the drink just remove the Bottle Top. They are reusable so you could wash them and use them again and again.

Using Bottle Tops can keep your soda carbonated with a tight leak proof seal. They are great when going outdoors with canned drinks. They prevent spilling and pevents bugs from crawling into your drink.