Dual Sided Back Scrubber

3.900 KD


Product description

Back scrubber Silicone Extra long. Give your back the attention it deserves with the ingenious dual-textured Back Scrubber. The silicone back belt has a loofah surface of the exfoliating side massages and invigorates the skin. The soft woven surface of the smooth side gently cleans and refreshes. The material lathers amazingly well and the back strap is flexible enough to treat hard to reach areas. Luffa back strap, a perfect way to clean those hard to reach places. These back straps have deep cleaning bristles on the front.

Material: Durable silicone. 
It cleanses, massages andamp; exfoliates your entire body. 
Clean your feet without bending. 
Combination of large andamp; small bristles cleans every inch of your body effortlessly. 
Reverse to a nubbier side for a spa-like massage experience 
Stimulates circulation on sore andamp; tired muscles. 
Comfort grip handle lets you reach every inch of your body with ease.

Package Includes:
1 x Dual Sided Silicone Shower Back Scrubber

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