E-Charge Wallet

9.900 KD

Product Description

Charges Your Phone On The Go
Stuck on the road with a low battery and nowhere to charge your phone? Atomic Charge Wallet can help! Just plug your phone into the built-in charging port. The Atomic Charge Wallet extends your phone use up to 2 times between charges. Just charge the Atomic Charge Wallet before going out and you’ll have a spare charge on hand.

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RFID-Blocking Technology
Atomic Charge Wallet protects you from electronic thieves with RFID blocking technology. It keeps your sensitive credit card information safe. But what are RFIDs and how do RFID-blocking wallets help you? Certain credit cards have RFID chips that transmit information via radio waves, rather than requiring contact, like EMV chips. Electronic thieves use RFID skimmers to pick up these radio waves and intercept your sensitive credit card information. Atomic Charge Wallet is insulated to protect your credit cards from RFID skimmers.

How to Charge
Before using Atomic Charge Wallet, plug in the included micro USB cable and attach to a USB compatible wall outlet. You can test the rechargeable 2500 mAh battery to see how much of a charge is left just by pressing a button. Easy read LED lights let you know if you’re good to go or need to charge. Four blue LED lights lit indicate a full charge, 3 blue LED lights indicate 75% charge, two lights 50%, and one light is 25% charged. If no lights are lit up, then you need to charge your wallet immediately.

Good To Know

  • Overstuffing your Atomic Charge Wallet will prevent it from closing. Please do not overstuff your wallet.
  • Interior accordion slots are perfect for holding a couple of credit cards and a few dollar bills folded in half.
  • A phone charging cable is not included with Atomic Charge Wallet.
  • Please refer to bullets at top of listing to indicate which color and/or quantity you selected.


What’s Included
Every Atomic Charge Wallet is individually wrapped. The package includes:

  • Atomic Charge Wallet
  • Mini USB Cable for Wallet

** Phone charging cable is not included.
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 10.2 x 2.1 inches

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