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SPACE "Honey Dispenser" is made from authentic acrylic material shaped into an attractive honeycomb design with an easy pouring mechanism. Just fill the jar, Twist-on the cap, push the center piece, and honey flows, that easy! A sophisticated alternative to those pudgy plastic honey bears, this honey dispenser releases a thin drizzle of honey into your tea or steamed milk or on top of toast, cereal, even pancakes.
“If one would like to block the flow of honey or syrup, just push the handle up with thumb (release the button).
once it is done, place the honey container on the base to prevent drips on the table“ It is a material that is superior to glass meaning that it is shatter-resistant and lightweight 
when compared to glass, and carries many other properties that glass itself simply does not qualify for. We can assure you that our Honey dispenser is BPA free, as PMMA does not carry any traces whatsoever of BPA, as BPA is usually found in polycarbonates, while this is a methyl mixture and the two are completely different organically and chemically speaking.

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