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GREAT FOR LONG FLIGHTS – if you are a traveler this is a must have. This travel neck pillow is great for comfort and sleep on airplane. Perfect travel pillow for airplanes and long haul flights.


SLEEPING, READING, & RELAXING – it doesn’t matter if you want to take a nap at your desk or on your couch. iNeckfit can bend and flex to get the right shape for you. Reading a book in bed or just relaxing on your couch never felt so good.


NECK SUPPORT– Don’t let neck pain get you down. Our memory foam pillow heps relieve neck pain. Millions of men and women suffer from problems with their neck. With our new design you can adjust, bend and configure the frame to the position that fits what you need. Excellent for supporting your head and neck allowing you comfort.


ERGONOMIC – our new u-shaped pillow with memory foam was designed for comfort and support. This travel pillow is more than just a travel pillow. Its ergonomically designed for usage on airplanes, upright seating, sitting at work, sleeping at your desk and more. Get the support you need for your neck where you need it. This helps with neck pain and prevents further damage.


The iNeckFit is just simply a must have. Whether you travel or just looking for a pillow that will help you get some sleep in cramped areas. From airplanes, trains, buses, cars or just relaxing at home. You can use this to read a book in bed, fold it to sleep at your desk, go to your car and sleep on your lunch break. Works great on any seat on the plane whether the window, aisle or middle seat. Better than most regular travel pillows.


It’s a new design, works well, and can be bent to fit you. Provides great cushioning and support for your neck and head. Sleep like a baby on those red-eye flights. This is a travel pillow that not only works well but bend and folds to be used in other ways. Way better than other pillows out there on the market.


Great neck support pillow for travel & more.


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