Karaoke Bluetooth

9.900 KD

Product description

This is a handhold battery operated wireless Karaoke microphone with build-in speaker, and Bluetooth feature, it is microphone/speaker/Karaoke all in one. Just turn it on, it is a microphone and speaker, you can say or sing something, the speaker will play out your voice, you can adjust the volume and reverberation effect, you can also plug in wired earphone to listen your voice. You can also connect it with your phone/tablet/PC via Bluetooth or aux cable, then you can play songs, you can also sing with the rhythm when playing songs, it is a portable microphone to sing anywhere.

1)Before you use the Microphone Karaoke,pls help to take the plastic gasket out from the battery case first.

2)If the sound is not loud enough,pls try to check:

a. Keep the microphoe closer to your mouth

b.Make sure it's fully charge or you powered it by power bank or USB cable

c.Adjust the volume to the highest position

3)The ‘18650 Battery’ it need is easy to buy from Amazon


All the operation keys are integrated in the gear switch.

Long press: power on / power off

Short press: play / pause

Left press: last song

Right press: next song

Left long press: volume down

Right long press: volume up


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