party in the tub light

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Product Description

Party In The Tub Light

Party in the Tub light makes bath time, fun time! Just turn it on, drop it in and watch the fun begin. The Party in the Tub™ light sets off an LED light show to keep the little ones entertained while they get clean! Each Party in the Tub™ light comes with six different light shows so the party NEVER stops! 
Nesee Baby Kids Bathing Shower Tub Party Multi-type Wind Up Light Toys (White)
The Party in the Tub™ light is made of durable plastic, with a watertight and water safe long-lasting LED light display. You don't need gazillion lame toys to make bath time a blast. Turn on the Party in the Tub™ light and say good-bye to the dirty diva drama... and those toddler tub tantrums 

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