Toothpaste Dispenser

1.900 KD

Product description

Size:style 1

Application Method of Toothpaste Dispenser: 
Choose the position for pasting and disclose the double side adhesive in the back to fix the toothpaste dispenser (It is suggested that the position is at the height of the user. Before pasting, get rid of water and other impurities) 
Remove the cover, and insert the toothpaste into the suction valve with force. (The toothpaste is liable to leak in the first tryout) 
When insert the used toothpaste, first squeeze out the air remained in the toothpaste nutil the bottom part, and then insert the toothpaste into the suction valve. 
Put the toothpaste in and press the button several times until the toothpaste has been squeezed out 
Cover the toothpaste after using 
The volume of the squeezed toothpaste depends on the viscosity of different toothpastes

Product information

Size:style 1

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