Triple Slicer

2.900 KD

Product description

The tri-linear slicer is the essential utensil for any kitchen. It combines 3 blades and it is just perfect for cutting, peeling, peel, grind and slice. A Julienne of vegetables, thick or thin cuts with the triple slicer, easy, and takes only a few seconds.Thanks to its mechanism and its position wheel, you can change between the three blades at any time according to your needs: The Ceramic Blade can be used to peel the thick or thin slices of fruits, vegetables, meats and more.With the julienne blade, you cut your vegetables quickly and easily for vegetables, salads, noodles, and more on the other hand, the versatile serrated blade is ideal for cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables, cheese and much more. Its capabilities are almost unlimited.Thanks to the practical tip of cut, you can easily remove germs from your potatoes, the stems or small stains may be present on your fruit and vegetables. The knife and peeler, is perfect for creating a decorative trim. The triple slicer has an ergonomic shaped handle which can be used by right and left handed users, and of course it is dishwasher safe.

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